Kids Puzzles App allows to create your own puzzles

Play with puzzles with our app Kids Puzzles – Create and Play! This app contains fun and educational puzzles for children. We have added up to 40 puzzles showing many more different animals. Kids Puzzles allows to create puzzles yourself, taking pictures with your camera.

• Animal shapes : 8 puzzles with animal shapes that match an animal picture.
• Animal puzzle : 12 puzzles to complete the image of an animal by moving pieces to the right place. When the puzzle is completed there is an animation and the animal noise is played.
• Photo puzzle : 20 nice photos of real life animals divided in square blocks.
• Create your own puzzles by taking pictures with the camera.

Kids will sure enjoy playing with our puzzles!

More fun with Kids Play and Learn

In this new app Kids Play and Learn, we have added more games. The app for learning words and first numbers, colors and shapes.

The App includes includes fun and educational games for toddlers and kids:
• Learning English/Spanish : Animals, food, transportation, furniture,… more than 100 words.
• Numbers : identify numbers up to 12
• Colors : have fun popping balloons
• Shapes and colors matching


Our First App, Kids Learning

This is the first of hopefully a long list of Apps 123 Kids Learning. The App is free App and contains 4 fun and educational games for toddlers and kids. Ages 2 years and up! We have added a “buy me a coffee” option, protected by parental check. Our intake of caffeine helps the creativity of our apps and we will really appreciate it! 🙂

App includes the games:
• Learning English/Spanish
• Math Operations (addition and subtractions up to 12)
• Number matching (up to 12)
• Puzzle
• Bonus game